Living with an au pair

  Many people wonder how it feels having a live-in au pair in your home. For those that don’t know what au pair means, it is a personal help (nanny for example) that lives in your house with you. There are many questions about life along the au pair, and we will try to answer them and explain you how you can live happily along a live-in au pair.

   Many people wonder how the nights with the live-in au pair are, does the family sit with her or something like that. The reality is that au pair has her/his shift, and when they finish it they are free to do anything they want. Whether they will go in their room and be on PC until they fall asleep or they go out to hang out with their friends is up to them.ap5

    For the first few days some things might get awkward, but as the time goes on the au pair will become a part of the family. You have to get to know your au pair because you will live with them for undecided amount of time and pretending about something will become tiresome. Your life in the house must continue as if there wasn’t any change.


Most of the au pairs are students that have their own work to do. But they will do their own chores as well as all chores in the house. If you have 2 or 3 au pairs then you will have no work around your house, which is a goal of having an au pair. After some time you will consider them as your children, children that do their part of work and much more.

   Mackey_DanielaAs parents you will not be able to pursue your careers, take care of your children and have enough time to spend with children and some spare time for rest. Au pairs exist so you can manage all of that. But that doesn’t mean that living with an au pair has no drawbacks. But, when compared with pros, these drawbacks are nothing.

    You can use an au pair for child care only, and you can use them for other chores as well. Number of hours they will work in a week will determine the amount of money you will have to pay. But au pairs less expensive than any other form of childminder, and if you pay them they will cover all chores that a wife does. Don’t expect from au pair heavy-duty work, they are not there to do that, but if you must find someone for that you can ask your au pair and you may come to an agreement.

    An au pair may not be form the neighborhood you live in, so you will have to show them around. There is no legal agreement between you and au pair, so you can end their service whenever you want, and so can they.

    If an au pair doesn’t speak your language or they are not fluent enough then you shouldn’t use them to babysit children under 8 or 9 years.


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Advantages of hosting an Au Pair

Au Pair program has become widely accepted all over the world and it is a synonym for a proper and a reliable children care. People who participate in this program have the ability to experience all sort of benefits, but also, the hosting families have a chance to get an affordable and flexible childcare with the benefit of cultural exchange and opportunity to learn other foreign language and culture.

But what makes this program so appealing to hosting families? When taking participation in this program, hosting family will be assigned to affordable and flexible children care and Au Pair experts will make sure to assign a family a loving, responsible and highly qualified provider of their services. The hosting family will have the opportunity to learn about Au Pair’s language, culture, the way of his/her life and about their customs. On the other hand, Au Pairs will have the unique opportunity to live even a bit of American dream and create memories that will last them for life.benefits-with-aupair

Our agency Flair Au Pairs: Your Guide to Success is trying to provide the best possible conditions for this inter – cultural exchange and to create loving and life – lasting friendship between hosting family and Au Pair.

The hosting family will benefit greatly from this program.

Are you frustrated every time when you have to make at appointed time to pick up your children at daycare, or when you are always occupied with their stuff and that eventually starts to influencing your job, or sometimes when you have to take sciatic pain relief, just so you could carry all their stuff during the whole day? Wouldn’t be just great when you wake up in the morning only to take care of yourself and get ready for the work, or once again start having a date night with your spouse?TiredParents

Au Pair provides you with everything mentioned above and basically your dreams become a reality. Au Pair will create a flexible and reliable childcare, combined with family’s needs and schedule. You will be much more relaxed knowing that your children are in good hands and you will have your own personal Au Pair at your disposal.

aupari1When you host an Au Pair it is like bringing another culture into your house. You will get the opportunity to experience Au Pairs culture, language, customs, food, music and many other things. Our hosting families enjoy sharing their customs, tradition and national holidays with Au Pairs. You can see from here that this can be beneficial in both ways.

All candidates for Au Pair program are evaluated and they must meet certain English competency. One of the main factors, why candidates participate in this program, is it because they want to master their English skills. The dominant language in your household will be English, but Au Pair can also teach your children their native language and they are strongly encouraged to perform those skills.

As you can see, there are many benefits of Au Pair program; you just need to start exploring it.

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